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What we're proud of

• Dedicated experienced staff
• Small class size
• Flexible scheduling
• Compassionate learning environment
• Individualized instruction
• Quality of our academic program

Brickhouse Academy is a private school
dedicated to providing high school and
middle school students a comprehensive,
quality education in a compassionate, flexible learning environment. The school is flexible
enough to accommodate various student schedules with our day and afternoon programs.
We are accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance.

Our Grading Policy:
A — Excellent.....(94-100).....4.0
B — Above.....(85-93).....3.0
C — Average.....(77-84).....2.0
D — Below Average.....(70-76).....1.0
F — Failure.....(69 or below).....0.0

Colleges attended by Brickhouse Academy graduates:
• University of Central Florida
• New College of Florida
• Florida Gulf Coast University
• Regis College
• Rice University
• Johnson & Wales University
• Rasmussen College
• Stetson University
• State College of Florida
• University of South Florida
• Auburn University