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Course information

We offer High School and Middle School courses!

Two school programs are available:
Day Program: 8:00 am — 2:00 pm
Organized on a semester schedule - 6.5 credits per semester is the maximum course
load; students take six 55-minute classes. These classes are year-long (180 days); each
semester class meets every day.  

★ Step Up for Students and McKay Scholarships are accepted
★ International Students and Student Athletes welcome
★ Tutoring available — Private and Group
★ Grade Replacement + Courses for Credit — Full, Honors and Half-Credit courses, 
    after school and summer
★ Virtual Class Help — Virtual school monitoring and/or tutoring by our teachers

Course offering

Honors classes are offered in all subjects.
• English I-IV
• Spanish I-IV
• French I-II
• Algebra I+II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
• Biology I, Marine Biology, Chemistry, Physics
• American History, American Government, World History, Economics
• Intensive Reading

Summer School
All high school subjects are taught on an accelerated basis. We reinforce
elementary and middle school Math and English skills during a scheduled
tutor time. Please call for scheduled classes.

College Guidance
• College essay critiquing
• Application process guidance
• SAT/ACT Prep